Day Trips & Vacation Packages in Italy

If you are planning a Vacation in Italy and you are looking for once-in-a-lifetime Experience,  in contact with local people, Splendido Vacations is the right choice for you.

A selection of Day trips, Culinary, Foodie and Wine Vacations  in Northern Italy, Central Italy, Umbria, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Viterbo….and more destinations

Cooking classes with local “mamma”, homemade food, family run wineries and olive oil mill, unique cultural out of beaten paths experiences, boat excursions, fishing days, driving experiences and much more..

We can create immersive Custom Tours in Italy using our large network of friends and partners, guaranteeing complete assistance and unique experiences, in contact with welcoming and smiling people,  eating where locals use to go and never tourist traps.

We want to take you where we love to go with our friends and families!

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Umbria what to do nightlife

The Undiscovered Umbria, live like a Local, Cooking and Wine tour – 3 nights in Foligno

Foligno one of the best place to visit in Umbria, a different destination for a 3 nights tour including cooking and wine tour, live like a local for few days
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Food Tour Catania

Sicily, Pistachio Farm & Street Market Tour, 3 nights in Catania

3 nights in SICILY in the vibrant city of Catania. Food and Street MARKET tour, PISTACHIO FARM visit, walking tour, transfer, hotel, guide...
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Wine and Food in Italy

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Southern Italy

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Day trip in Soriano

Day Tours from Soriano/Viterbo

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Day Tours from Rome

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Amalfi Coast

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