Tourism in Italy after lockdown, not only problems but opportunities

Finally we see the light!

the 4th May we slowly begin to resume a “normal” life, certainly not 100%, but starting and taking the first steps is certainly a reason for optimism for our future, both as Italians and as tourism operators.

There are still no indications on when and how the borders will be open to foreign travelers, but soon this will have to happen, hopefully by July or August.

We have to live with coronavirus, we will do it initially in our everyday life, but I am sure we will get used to it also for traveling, waiting for a vaccine and a therapy. Traveling is now a need for all of us, discovering new places, tasting new foods and seeing for ourselves places that we have always imagined or desired to see.

Italy is one of the main destinations in the world,  many travelers are waiting to return to visit us.

Today, speaking with a colleague and hotelier, I had a moment of optimism and a vision for the next few months. I do not hide that I could not imagine a recovery in tourism or better how it could have happened in a practical sense. Today with this colleague we talked about the protocol that will have to follow for the next reopening and I started to imagine things not only in a negative sense but also in terms of opportunities.

One thing is certain. In the coming months we have to offer travelers safe places to stay.

Certainly with the attention of both travelers and service providers but it will always be possible to admire and enjoy the Italian beauties.

In hotels, for example, they have to provide disinfection of rooms and common areas and this becomes an advantage rather than a limit. Having healthy environments in which to sleep and being sure of it is never a disadvantage. The breakfast rooms should have limited access. Just choose the time to go to breakfast or request breakfast in your room and the service is still guaranteed. Masks will have to be used initially to go around, but the eyes will always be able to enjoy the Italian beauties.

travel in italy after lockdown

Restaurants and bars will also reopen soon after 1st June. It is true that there will be a limit to number of guest allowed, but just book in advance to continue enjoying Italian food … and I will add it in less crowded restaurants.

In all sincerity I don’t mind not seeing for a while streets of our cities crowded with restaurant tables, without any rules, with customers practically one attached to the other without any privacy … maybe we will pay a few euros more but we would probably gain in experience and in the quality of the service.

And to rest assured in planning your trip you can choose a local partner who takes care of all the planning,

who ensures that you use high quality transport suppliers and who follow the rules, be sure of a restaurant reservation, hotels that make disinfection of your room, knowing the hourly details of visits to museums etc in advance, in short, having everything under control even during a particular period. Because we live in Italy and we currently know what the rules are and will be to follow.

Like financial crises, I think that the exit from a crisis like this will also bring about selection in tourism.

Only those who will be  creative  will be more successful. This creativity will lead to a greater offer of services to the traveler.

The lack of tourism for months will make us understand the importance of a foreign traveler in our country,

See you soon!!


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