Travel between Rome and Florence, what to do and where to stay…

“Travel between Rome and Florence”, is probably something you are looking for,  planning a trip to Italy.

Certainly in the first trips to Italy, Rome and Florence cannot be missing, which alone have so much to offer. In our opinion, the ideal is about 3-4 nights in Rome and 2-3 nights in Florence. This fully satisfies a week or so in Italy admiring some of the most important monuments that our country offers.

The two cities are also connected by high-speed trains and can be easily reached in about 2 and a half hours, maximum three depending on the train chosen.

We will not focus in this article among the many beauties of these cities and the many opportunities they offer even with day trips outside the city center, but we want to give you some ideas to stay in Italy a few more days and plan something interesting between Florence and Rome. .

If you look at google maps  you will notice that the distance is short but in that little piece of Italy there is a lot to discover.


There is a part of Lazio Region, including the cities  of Viterbo,
 Soriano nel Cimino, Bomarzo, Civita and more places called Tuscia.

A place of history, homeland of the Etruscans with many hidden treasures to discover. Viterbo a wonderful medieval city in which to get lost in the characteristic alleys of the San Pellegrino district and get to the Palazzo dei Papi, (Palace of the Popes). This name because in this city during a period of the Middle Ages the popes used to live there instead of in Rome.

Visit Monster Park Bomarzo


And  Soriano nel Cimino, a small village where you can enjoy the authentic life of the local people, and admire the splendid Orsini Castle. Here in Soriano we have one of our bases with many experiences to offer

In this part of Lazio you can’t miss the famous “Dying City” Civita di Bagnoreggio,   as well as the historic (Photo) Monsters Park 


From Lazio we move to Umbria

First stop:  Orvieto, a splendid town with a Cathedral (Duomo) (photo) with a wonderful facade. But Orvieto is also a land of white wine with the Orvieto Classico so an area where you can take advantage of a visit in one of the many local wineries, also family-run

We move towards the north of Umbria in the direction of Florence and Tuscany. Definitely one of the locations  most famous is Assisi, the birthplace of San Francesco. Absolutely to visit the Basilica with Giotto’s frescoes, the crypt and the tomb of the Saint.

But Umbria has so much to discover, beautiful and even less famous places that deserve a stop for a few days.

For one of our breaks we chosen Foligno, a medium-sized town full of life, bars, cafes and shopping … the ideal destination for a 3-4 night stopover in the name of wine and good food before continuing on to Florence.

This is the region of Montefalco where Sagrantino di Montefalco is produced, a truly intriguing red wine that we have included in our proposal together with an afternoon in the company of a certified sommelier. Discover more…

Umbria is also the land of Extra Virgin olive oil, one of the most famous in Italy, so don’t miss some shopping about. Different mills can also ship the oil to your country.

Leaving Foligno other places to visit on the road: Perugia, Corciano and Lake Trasimeno on the border between Umbria and Tuscany.

Perugia it is the “capital city” of the region situated on the top of the hill. If you don’t want to drive in the historical you can use a great shuttle services called “Mini Metro”. Perugia is  the city of Chocolate because here was founded in the beginning of ‘900 the Perugina Chocolate Factory where  the famous “Baci Perugina” is produced. It is possible to organize visit to the factory and chocolate class with a Perugina Chocolate Master.

As soon as you arrive in Tuscany from Umbria, a destination not to be missed is Cortona, the Tuscan city of the famous Under the Tuscan Sun.

It was in this small Tuscan town that the writer Frances Mayes moved and was inspired for her best seller. You will be able to relive some of the settings of the book and the movie.

And then there are still endless opportunities to stay continuing to Florence from Rome or From Rome to Florence….

Val d’Orcia with its rolling hills and cypress trees , Pienza, Montepulciano and Montalcino with the famous Brunello red wine  and even Chianti and Siena

Custom tour with winery

Italy is a very rich country with many treasures to discover.

We are here for this, to help you better organize your trip, trying not to miss perfect destinations for you and optimizing your travel plans

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