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A Custom Tour in Italy  could be the right decision for your next vacation. We will work with you to create unique travel experiences that fit your needs and your schedule.  With our experience and local knowledge, we can help you discover those great places in Italy that you’ve only imagined or dreamed about.  Whatever you have in mind, we’re here to help you design your perfect Italian vacation experience.


Using our local resources, here are some examples of what we can do for you: 

  • Book “Private and Exclusive” excursions and unique experiences available only for you or your group. 
  • Plan Single-Event, Half, Full-Day or Extended Vacation itineraries using Your thoughts and Your ideas as the foundation for your travel needs.
  • Find the right accommodations that suit your stye and your budget. 
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Suggest areas or places where you will find great local shopping. 
  • Reserve English or Native Tongue-speaking private guides and drivers.
What we offer

Our Personal Network in Italy

We bring you decades of experience of having traveled and explored every region of Italy.  We have worked with local and international tour operators in planning vacation packages, events and other off-the-beaten-path excursions and adventures. 


Our relationships are for your benefit. Over the years, we have developed strong ties and friendships with many, trusted partners that offer us access to places that most other travelers would never have the opportunity to experience. 

Our family and friends network can provide you with: 

  • Regional Cooking Classes with local “Nonna” (grandmother) chef instructors. 
  • Cooking class with Professional “Michelin-Star” Chefs
  • Private Truffle- Hunting with local truffle-hunters and their champion dogs. 
  • Private fishing excursions in Sicily.
  • Make Artisan Cheese with local shepherds. 
  • Private Lunches or Dinners in Private Homes of local residents featuring local fare and regional cuisine. 
  • Private Boat excursions on the coastal waterways of the Amalfi and Ligurian Coast. 
  • Faith-Based experiences 
  • + Many, many more!
How we make your trip the Vacation-Of-A-Lifetime

The behind-the-curtain attention to details that sets you free.


We go to great lengths to insure that every detail of your personalized itinerary is just how you want it to be.  

We give you the freedom to just “show-up” when and where. 

We will take care of all those details that you need not worry about.  We can arrange everything once you arrive in Italy.  Whether it’s an airport pick-up, train station, accommodations or any other location, we’re there to get you where you need to go.  We’ll handle the arrangements for your driver and vacation host when you need one. 


From the outset, we will learn from you what your preferences are and what type of travel experience you are looking for.  

We’ll offer all types of suggestions based on your ideas.  We have hundreds of authentic Italian experiences waiting just for you.

Experience the culture, the people, the food, the wine as well as the historical aspects that may interest you. We can even arrange for you to mingle with locals, having fun and living La Dolce Vita! 

Don’t hesitate to inquire about what we can do to make you happy.  We want your vacation to exceed all of your expectations.

Start from an idea

Just let us know an idea about what you would like to do and where and we will work for you…

Time Saving Solutions

No more of those confusing all-night internet search sessions. Just tell us what you are looking for and let us do the leg-work.  We’ll put it all together…So you can start packing! 

Individual +

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone, as a couple, with friends or family , we can help design all types of itineraries to fulfill your travel needs.

24/7 Access

  You have full access to us when you want it. We’re here to help, whenever you need us to. 

Budget Solutions

 Based on your budget and the type of experiences you are looking for, we will help you design an optimal itinerary that is cost-effective and value-driven. 

Travel Agent Partner

We can create any kind of packages for travel agents or tour operators that need to offer something unique to their clients

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