Being a tour operator in the time of Covid-19

Definitely not the best article to write to start the Blog section of our site. But there is no lack of free time at the moment and motivation as well.

However, we must look to the future that will be after this moment. None of us will know when the situation will return to normal but above all how the new world of tourism will be after this experience, which I would call more than terrible.

I’m Daniele, co-founder of Splendido Vacations. For many years I have been working in tourism and I deal with incoming, in particular travelers from the USA and Canada to Italy.

There can be no moment of greater uncertainty for our work. From one day to the next, everything stopped and, above all, looking to the future becomes a difficult, but not impossible, undertaking.

Italy is a great country, made up of strong people who are capable of recovering from difficulties. And also in tourism we will do it. The way of traveling will change but traveling is now a need that cannot be dispensed with and which we will soon begin to feel a strong need for.

This in my opinion will lead to a strong and exponential growth in tourism demand at the end of the emergency, with changes also in the classic seasons and with strong opportunities for our future.

The important thing right now is to survive the next few months to be stronger at the end of the emergency.

So what to do?

We continue to plan, to hope and to work. Stopping means killing everything, projects, ideas and re-starting would be impossible.

We continue to work on experiences to offer (with a certain melancholy because we will not know when we will return to do it), tours, packages and holidays all over Italy.

We are aware that the first part of the season is now impossible to carry on but with optimism we look at the second part of this historic 2020.

Perhaps it will be an opportunity to discover new months in which to travel in Italy going beyond the usual classic periods.

November, becomes a great opportunity this year for tourism. Making travelers understand that it is a unique and special month to travel in Italy becomes a great opportunity.


The mild climate in the end of October and November everywhere in Italy, the olive harvest in Umbria, Tuscany and in all our countryside, the new olive oil to taste, the Barolo and Northern Italy foliage, the sun still mild to be enjoyed in the Amalfi Coast and in Sicily where it  is still possible enjoy our beautiful beaches.

Harvesting olives


So many opportunities to offer in these “off-season” months without crowded monuments and museums (and today we are all sensitive not to be too close to other people), with less traffic and to enjoy a different and genuine Italy. Last but not least a perfect moment to take advantage of great deal and special offer.

This is the only thing that even people who work in tourism today can do, look to the future with optimism.

It is a tough year but we are still at the beginning, there are still many months waiting for us…


We’ll make it!!!

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