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It’s time of Covid 19 and obviously all the museums and monuments of our splendid Italy cannot be visited, closed in rooms inhabited to see millions of visitors every year today are enclosed by an abnormal silence, but which will soon pass.

Technology, a great support at this time, also supports us for this, giving us the opportunity to virtually visit the most important Italian museums, monuments and exhibitions.

Certainly a difficult moment for our society to face but which contains opportunities for the future. Just in these weeks the museums are increasing and improving the virtual tour services.

None of this will be lost … but it will also be a useful service in the future.

When you have to organize your trip to Italy, you will receive currency in advance, looking with your virtual eyes, which will be the best museum or monument to go and see for yourself.

Often we do not have time in a certain city to see all the things we would like and these tools will help us select (before arriving in Italy) the most suitable things for our tastes. We are not saying that there are ugly museums but simply that there are museums more or less suitable for our personal tastes, even if art and culture contain a universal beauty.


Virtaul tour italian museums

Here are some links of the most important museums and monuments in Italy
Vatican museums

Among the museums mainly visited in Italy (although it is not located in Italy but in the small state of the Vatican city). An infinite collection of works but above all the place where the famous Sistine Chapel is located

Cappella Sistina

Inside the Vatican Museum for sure of one the Michelangelo Masterpiece. Something to see at least one time in your life

Colosseo and Fori Imperia

The most famous monument of Rome and its simbol all over the world

Galleria degli Uffizi Firenze

One of the biggest art collection in Italy including masterpice of Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Caravaggio

Galleria Accademia – David of Michelangelo

Iconic statue of Michelangelo, something to don’t miss. A copy it is in piazza della Signoria but the original it is inside this museum. In the same museum a room about historical music instruments including Stradivari violins.

Monreale – Palermo- Duomo

The Duomo of Monreale, located 10 minute drive from the city center. It is probably the most magnificent example of medieval mosaic. Stunning!

And of course Google offers a lot of Virtual Tours and Imagines, just as example…
Temples Valley of Agrigento in Sicily

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